AutoMotion DCU

AutoMotion DCU measures cars in the Drive Thru, determines when they don't move to your time standard, and allows the multi-location operator to access the benefits of an on-site presence at each location and the critical info about cars moving or sitting.

AutoMotion DCU gives you a constant real-time view of your process and allows you to identify, address, and solve bottle-necks and hurdles that prevent profitability.

Every operator knows that you can NEVER get a missed car back! If your average car sits for 1 minute, not moving, before you give great service, the best you can expect is a 60 car hour. 2 minutes means a 30 car hour.

Now you can know every time the Drive Thru Line Doesn't Move!

AutoMotion DCU is installed during a 2-3 hour window with no impact to your team onsite. We install 1 sensor per area measured and capture 5 to 6 cars per area. A single control box per site is installed in the manager's office with one 110v power plug needed and one sensor cable run from the control box to the sensor per sensor. Our sensors are weather proof and can be installed outside to catch the Drive Thru line.

Data accuracy is monitored and reviewed for 10 days, with adjustments to configuration as needed. Data is then operationalized with your team onsite, District/Territory Management, and Executive Management. Further information about Reporting can be found under our Reporting Section