We work with your team to Operationalize the unique data we create and collect.

We start with next to real time alerts to your team at the site every few minutes when alerts pass your threshold. We escalate to your regional team at the next threshold and your executive team when the next threshold is exceeded. This gives the best chance to make an adjustment NOW to help meet customer expectations.

We then send daily and weekly reports via email to the designated team members.

Maybe most importantly, we implement self service reporting in our Big Data Analytics Portal so your team can pull critical insights as needed.

We use the latest Big Data Analysis tools to crunch the Data Collection Units data in our secure cloud environment so that you and your team have the data you need to run your business at your finger tips. Better yet, our Managed Enterprise Environment is ready for all of your locations (dozens, hundreds, or thousands) today, with no resources from your team or infrastructure, so you can keep running your company, tackling your projects, but with an entire new management data set (with no cycles used from your critical human resources).