Line Management and Line Alert System

Reclaim lost revenue by serving more customers when your lines back up

Detect delays in drive-thru and dining room lines early to empower staff to fulfill more orders before customers abandon or avoid long lines

fastqsr cars waiting in line

Serve customers faster when it matters most

Get alerted when your line stops flowing and you’re missing out on orders

Make sure you right-size your labor

Line alerts inform the right people at the right time about delays to enable you to move resources where they’re needed

Receive weekly reports of order time

Visualize trends to understand when rushes and line delays occur so you can better equip and schedule your staff

Compare locations to optimize sales

Make data-driven decisions for improvements by store and apply best practices from one location to others

See higher returns with better technology

Get a 10x ROI with our 2 hour install and low monthly price

FastQSR is a new kind of technology leveraging AI to detect long waits in line – without all the expensive equipment

See how cars flow through your lines

Drive revenue with data

Make changes that increase sales with detailed data on customer line bottlenecks at every store and how your staff handles them

FastQSR QuickSight analytics

The fastest way to increase orders is to never lose one

Everything you need to improve customers-served-per-hour without all the hassle

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